Already 13: Drama and More Drama


Yup, my little sister is now gone from single numbers to those dreaded double digits. I just can’t believe that she is now a teenager! Yeah, yeah, I’m already getting programmed for those years ahead. I mean, we all know how it goes: boys, drama, best friend drama and–I’ll just stop there. Lol!

But I will say that I was truly blessed with the best little sister, and I do look forward to helping guide her in the right path and being a good example for her. I want to see her grow up to be a beautiful god-fearing girl. 🙂

Anyways, yesterday morning my sisters and I were already having breakfast when my Mom came out of her bedroom. She went about her usual routine that I began to wonder if she had forgotten it was Daisy’s birthday. I mean, usually whenever it is one of our birthday’s, she comes and hugs us first thing in the morning; but today was different. So I got up from my seat and motioned my Mom to her room.

Me: Mom, do you remember what day it is?

Mom: (smiles) I know, it’s Daisy’s birthday. I have not forgotten. How could I? Everyday I remember, and it still hurts. I could never forget my children. You will understand one day.

That stuck with me the rest of the day and it just filled me with such awe…a love that never forgets. No wonder God compares a mother’s love with the love and care He has for us!

A mother would gladly die in her child’s place, and you know something? Jesus already did that for you and me.


“Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.” Isaiah 49:15 KJV


Oh yeah, I’m back! 😛 Sweet winter break! I promise I’ll be here at least till my last semester in college. Haha! Love you guys!


What Really Happened at the NCC Music Camp 2018


Let’s not kid ourselves and try to cover up what is as plain as day; truth is that whenever there are church projects for young people and teenagers, the majority of them just go for the fun and socializing. They really do not much care for the project itself and what they will get out of it. 

It’s true! I was a teenager once, and that was the case many times. 

Now, with that in mind, I will now share with you what I saw in the teenagers and children at the NCC Music camp that took place last month in Plymouth California.  

Here are 3 highlights that just surprised me. 

1) Okay, so I am walking up toward the building where sectionals are held, and as I walk past the boy’s tents, I catch a glance at this cute little boy sitting at the edge of his mattress reading his Bible. My tracks stopped cold in that moment. I mean, you expect to see little children running around, playing hide and seek or running after a ball; but here was this little boy spending his free time in the most profitable way. 

2) So here we are; everyone is gathered at the big building after rehearsal with both the choir and orchestra, and it is time for worship. But it so happened—as it often does— that almost everyone was late for practice, including little ol’ me. Because of that, the conductor had to end the practice much later in order to make up for the half hour we lost. But here is what happened: after practice was over, Br. Zic announced that worship would be skipped since it was way too late and he did not want everyone sleeping. Then all of a sudden, a girl next to me just sighed, looked at me with disappointed eyes and said, “Ah man! I was really looking forward to worship.”  

3) And finally, what do teenagers do in the wee hours of the morning? Yeah, you guessed right, they sleep their heads off. And that is basically what one expects to see at 6 A.M. But when I saw a young girl studying her Sabbath School lesson at that hour, I was just overjoyed. 

*happy sigh* 

You know something, this music camp was unlike any other. I was really blessed by it and inspired by hearing the experiences and testimonies of other young people who shared during morning worship. As I looked at all these young people, I was convinced that these are the kind of people that will finish the work. Will you be among them? Will I be there? I pray that we all will be there. And like Chris said one morning, “If God did that for me, imagine what he could do with you.”  

Yes, imagine what He could do for you and for me if we just allowed Him into our hearts. 

“The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.” Psalm 51:17  

A Smile in the Restroom


Yesterday, I had the most amazing experience in the weirdest place ever! Let me tell you what happened:

Since it was father’s day, my family and I were at a restaurant with our close friends having lunch together. We got our meals, found our seating place, and then I headed to that place where it all happened: the restroom! Lol!

As I was washing my hands, a little elderly lady entered the bathroom with her red hair completely destroyed. Like literally! It looked as if someone actually messed up her hair on purpose. I laughed inwardly because that’s the same way I looked! Hahaha! Here in the Antelope Valley, you can’t wear fragile hairdos or hats unless they are glued on to your scalp.

Anyways, this lady takes out her comb and begins to arrange her hair. I had no comb, or fork, so I used my fingers and water to fix it. We were both at the mirror and I began to make conversation.

Me: It sure is terrible windy out there! And that’s the reason I never do nothing to my hair.

*we both laugh*

Me: Have you lived here long in the Antelope Valley?

Little Elderly Lady: Oh yes! I’ve been here sine 19___? I really like it here!

(Yeah, I forgot what year she told me, but it was in the early 1900s)

Me: Wow, that’s amazing! Well, enjoy your lunch and time with your family. 🙂

Little Elderly Lady: Oh thank you! You as well. And listen, you have such a beautiful smile! That smile can only com from a girl who has Jesus in her heart. Continue that way.

Me: *speechless and with a huge smile on my face*

I finally managed to find my tongue after she gave me a hug. I thanked her, and wished her the blessings from God in her life.

Walking  out of that restroom, I felt humbled, happy and so darn privileged! I never expected that to happen in a restroom of all places. But it was such a beautiful experience that I will never forget.

You know something, I can be pretty good at writing, and I express myself better that way, but I struggle speaking in public and to people; but that does not mean that I cannot reach people at all. Even a smile can speak when your voice fails! 🙂

Now, I am not writing this in order to put myself above others, I am simply writing this because I want to encourage you to grow closer to Jesus. Your face portrays exactly what is inside. And speaking of that, it reminds me of another experience I had several weeks ago. This time it was not a very pleasant one, but that’s a story for another time. 😉

If the Dress Fits, Put it On


Why do you have to be the bigger person?

Why do you have to do things when the others do not reciprocate?

Things that are so unfair…just to keep the peace and sanity of your so-called social group. Not that they can be called sane…haha!

*sigh* I know it is hard, but when you look at it, it is worth it. Don’t lower yourself to their level. Don’t do what they do.

And when you think that nothing else will be able to put some sense into their head, and feel like doing exactly what they do in order to get some sweet revenge, just think that your opposite actions could actually and hopefully get them to change.

“Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire in his head.” Romans 12:20

P.S. Come to think of it, placing some nice coals of fire in their head is a pretty beneficial revenge. 😉

I’m sorry if I was too harsh, but I just needed to do some venting here. I just had a little run-in with some peeps at college today; but if the dress fits, by all means put it on! I’m not stopping you. You can have the dress, because it looks sooo nice on you! 

Amar Otra Vez


No me había dado cuenta de esto hasta ahora; pero hoy, hace un año atrás, en Marzo del 2017, escribí esta historia. Allí duro mucho tiempo esperando para ser publicada, hasta que por fin decidí compartirla con ustedes. Espero que esta pequeña historia les toque su corazón.
Escuche que alguien dijo esto el otro día:
“Un corazón roto tiene la habilidad de volver a amar más plena y profundamente como nunca antes.”
No tienes idea de lo mucho que pensé sobre esto. Por tres semanas había un gran debate en mi mente, pero por fin llegue a una conclusión, y aquí esta:
Cuando el corazón se rompe, queda hecho pedazos. Miles de pedazos vuelan por todas partes, y después de un tiempo, alguien comienza a recogerlos uno por uno. Pero el tiempo ha pasado, y el viento y la lluvia ya se han llevado gran parte de ellos. Lo único que queda son los pedazos más grandes, que por un milagro sobrevivieron.
Es verdad, el corazón nunca podrá ser igual, pero allí es cuando la restauración comienza. Aquellos pedazos que se perdieron nunca van a ser recuperados, pero esos mismos son los que hacen lugar para el oro y piedras preciosas que van a llenar esos espacios vacíos hasta que el corazón este completo de nuevo—transparente, brillante y con venas de oro. Está completo, y listo para ser puesto en la vitrina otra vez.
Pero hay un cambio: ya no es simple porcelana o vidrio, tiene oro y piedras preciosas lo cual han hecho que su precio se aumente. Muchos pasan para admirar esta obra de arte. Muchos ofrecen grandes sumas de dinero para comprar esta joya, pero el dueño parece tomar su tiempo mientras camina entre la gente, buscando a la persona perfecta. El rechaza a muchos, aun siendo que su oferta es más que suficiente.
Al fin, el coge el corazón que está en esa caja aterciopelada y lo pone en las manos de su joven aprendiz.
“Pero Señor,” le dice el joven, “¡No tengo nada para ofrecer! No puedo aceptarlo.”
“Ah, pero hijo,” le dice, “Tienes lo más importante: el deseo de aprender de mi para saber cuidarlo.”
Querido lector, ese corazón eres tú. El dueño es Dios mismo, y el aprendiz, bueno–él o ella es tu futuro/a esposo o esposa que trabaja en el taller de Dios aprendiendo cada día de Él.




He Is Calling You: My Worst Nightmare


Yes, something worse did come.

It was November, and I was like 17 years old then. My Dad took sick, and we all thought it was just the normal cold that one gets as fall turns to winter. Two weeks passed and the fever did not go away. My mother and I did all we could, and all we knew, in order to help him–and I’m referring to natural remedies here.

My Dad decided to go to the doctor and get a diagnosis. When they got back, my Mom did not allow us near my Dad because what he had was contagious. Some days later, my Mom took him to the hospital. I remember my Mom calling home and when I asked how Dad was doing, she did not answer but asked me to pass the phone to my brother. I’ll never forget the face my brother had when he took that phone. I later learned the truth: my Dad could…he could die at any moment.

Knowing that threw me into the most depressed state I had ever been. There was still more pressure as I was caring for my two little sisters and I just cried when they asked me in the middle of the night when was Daddy coming home. I just had no idea what to say.

It was there when I realized I could not give what I did not have. In order to give hope and peace to my sisters, I needed that peace and hope myself. I came to the realization that God was using this trial to wake me up. And I could not ignore His call any longer. Reading God’s word and long prayers in the night was what made me go on. I felt such peace, such comfort! I could not wait to just spend time with God alone.

My Dad did come back home. And what joy to see him again! Such gratitude towards God.

And so what I want to tell you is this: do not wait for the worse to come in order to really surrender your life to God. You cannot afford to loose time. The time is now, today.

Te Está Llamando: En la Salud y en la Enfermedad


En la Salud y en la enfermedad…hasta cuándo vamos a ser fieles a Dios en la Salud, así cómo también en la enfermad? Si, no me refería a una boda…pero sigan leyendo. 

Eso es lo que siempre pasa, verdad? Cuando tenemos Salud y todo va muy bien, nos olvidamos de Dios. Ah pero claro, vamos a la iglesia y hacemos nuestras oraciones de rutina. Nuestra Biblia está al lado de nuestra cama, y la sacudimos para ir a la iglesia. Todo es perfecto, no? 

Pero si todo está bien, porqué cuando pasa algo terrible nos sentimos tan vacíos? ¿Tan desesperados? ¿Tan solos? ¿Porqué nos sentimos como si Dios nos abandonó? 

Lo que pasa es que Dios no nos dejó. Nosotros fuimos los que nos apartamos de él. Y como Dios nunca nos va forzar, nos deja seguir el camino que nosotros queremos tomar. 

Mira, lo que escribí arriba no me lo invente; realmente me pasó eso. Mi vida era perfecta, y después de la noche a la mañana mi mundo se puso al revés. Tenía como unos 13 años, y mi abuela tuvo un accidente horrible. No me voy a meter en detalles (algún día les contaré todo en detalles), pero lo que importa es que yo nunca había pasado por nada igual. Mi abuela fue llevada al hospital, y después el mismo hospital la puso en una casa de ancianos para que…para que muriera allí. Porque, como iba una anciana de casi 90 años sobrevivir quemaduras de tercer grado, verdad? Así que pues la avientan en un asilo. Ah, como me dio coraje eso! 

Bueno, en medio de todo eso, yo estaba deshecha. A raíz del accidente de la abuela, pasaron muchas otras cosas que me dejaron muy triste. Me sentía sola—sentía como si mi oraciones solo llegaban al techo. Y fue allí donde me di cuenta que realmente yo no conocía a Dios. Y fue cuando empecé a conocerlo mejor. Sentía tanta paz después de pasar tiempo con Él, y supe que todo iba estar bien porque Él tenía el control.

Mi abuela si sobrevivió el accidente. Regresó a casa, y todos estábamos felices. La parte triste? Bueno…aprendí muchas cosas, pero así como las cosas empezaron a regresar a la normalidad, yo también empecé a ser como era antes. 

Algo peor venía en camino.