How to Follow Your Heart…



*sigh* So you want, and need to know how to follow your heart. I feel you-I really do, but honestly you don’t want to go there. There is no such thing as “following your heart”. In fact you should NOT follow your heart.

Allow me to explain with an entry from my diary:

“I honestly do not know my heart. The only one who knows it is God, and he pretty much makes it clear in Jeremiah 17:9 that my heart is not to be trusted! How sad…and here I was thinking all my life that I should follow my heart. Well no, I was terribly wrong.


While reading this verse today, it brought to my mind what many people say to other people who are torn between two persons. Here is the famous line, which I am pretty sure that every single person on planet earth knows it: Follow your heart. Wow…do they really believe that? With our hearts being so wicked, do I really think that I can make a wise choice? Ummm, I  don’t think so. Being a girl who is trying to serve God, following my heart would be the worst mistake I can make. And why? Well, the verse above explains it quite clearly. I think that instead of saying “follow your heart”, it should be a matter of “follow God’s will to the letter, and don’t question but accpet it with a smile.” And that is exaclty what I am trying to do here. Follow God’s will, and asking Him to guide my heart. May God help me becasue it’s a daunting task to go against my evil heart. Now I understand what it means to have me as my enemy. In fact it’s true: self is  our geatest enemy…always will be.”