A Smile in the Restroom


Yesterday, I had the most amazing experience in the weirdest place ever! Let me tell you what happened:

Since it was father’s day, my family and I were at a restaurant with our close friends having lunch together. We got our meals, found our seating place, and then I headed to that place where it all happened: the restroom! Lol!

As I was washing my hands, a little elderly lady entered the bathroom with her red hair completely destroyed. Like literally! It looked as if someone actually messed up her hair on purpose. I laughed inwardly because that’s the same way I looked! Hahaha! Here in the Antelope Valley, you can’t wear fragile hairdos or hats unless they are glued on to your scalp.

Anyways, this lady takes out her comb and begins to arrange her hair. I had no comb, or fork, so I used my fingers and water to fix it. We were both at the mirror and I began to make conversation.

Me: It sure is terrible windy out there! And that’s the reason I never do nothing to my hair.

*we both laugh*

Me: Have you lived here long in the Antelope Valley?

Little Elderly Lady: Oh yes! I’ve been here sine 19___? I really like it here!

(Yeah, I forgot what year she told me, but it was in the early 1900s)

Me: Wow, that’s amazing! Well, enjoy your lunch and time with your family. 🙂

Little Elderly Lady: Oh thank you! You as well. And listen, you have such a beautiful smile! That smile can only com from a girl who has Jesus in her heart. Continue that way.

Me: *speechless and with a huge smile on my face*

I finally managed to find my tongue after she gave me a hug. I thanked her, and wished her the blessings from God in her life.

Walking  out of that restroom, I felt humbled, happy and so darn privileged! I never expected that to happen in a restroom of all places. But it was such a beautiful experience that I will never forget.

You know something, I can be pretty good at writing, and I express myself better that way, but I struggle speaking in public and to people; but that does not mean that I cannot reach people at all. Even a smile can speak when your voice fails! 🙂

Now, I am not writing this in order to put myself above others, I am simply writing this because I want to encourage you to grow closer to Jesus. Your face portrays exactly what is inside. And speaking of that, it reminds me of another experience I had several weeks ago. This time it was not a very pleasant one, but that’s a story for another time. 😉


The Path to Take/El Camino a Tomar


There before me,

Lies the path.

Shining verity and assurance.

 I still cannot see,

The end.

How long is it?

“Long enough to change you.”

It is overgrown.

How many have traveled on it?  

Very few indeed.”

I don’t see anyone.

Am I to walk alone?

“I will hold your hand.”

It’s getting dark…

“Take my hand.”

Will no one come with me?

“Go forward.”

Am I the only one in this path?

“Go forward.”

This path is hidden.

How will they find me?

“Go forward.”

“They will follow the light.” 

We went forward.

The path was taken. 

The journey begun.

~Heidi Alonso


Estaba delante de mi,

El camino a tomar.

Brillando veracidad y aseguranza. 

No puedo ver,

El final.

¿Que tan largo es?

“Suficiente para cambiarte.”

Hay muchas hierbas.

“¿Cuantos han viajado aquí?”


No veo a nadie.

¿Viajaré sola?

“Toma mi mano.”

Se oscurece.

“Toma mi mano.”

¿Nadie vendrá conmigo?


¿Soy la única en este camino?


El camino no es común.

No lo encontrarán.


“Seguirán La Luz.”


Tomamos el camino.

El viaje comenzó.

~Heidi Alonso




How many times have you heard this word? 

Read it? 

Does it mean something to you? 

…Such a small word with a world of significance…

…it moves mountains.

It moves mountains! 

Still we decide to dwell on our doubts,

Rather than see them cast into the sea.


I forget. 

We forget.

How God has led us in the past. 

Never forget.

Talk faith.

Live faith.

Faith like that of a child…

…that is the key to heaven. 

~ Heidi Alonso



Cuantas veces has escuchado esta palabra? 


Significa algo para ti? 

…una palabra tan pequeña con un mundo de significado…

…mueve montañas…

Mueve montañas! 

Aún si, decidimos seguir con nuestras dudas,

En lugar de verlas en el fondo de la mar. 


Me olvido.

Te olvidas.

Como Dios nos a guiado en el pasado.

Nunca olvides.

Habla fe.

Vive la fe.

Fe como la de un niño…

…es la llave del cielo. 

~Heidi Alonso

An Answered Prayer/ Una Oración Contestada


There are three things that predominate in my life: writing, cooking and music. So if you know me, you are aware that I use all of this to explain life and pretty much everything. 

So when it comes to prayer, I think about music. All of you musicians out there know that practice is vital. It’s like a matter of life or death hehehe…seriously, it is. It can take months for a musician to perfect a song, and even when he perfected it, if he does not continue to practice it daily, then when he wants to play it again he will have to begin from zero. 

So it is with prayer. If you pray once in a while, it will NOT be effectual at all. Zero results my friends. How can you call yourself a Christian if you do not communicate with God? How can you say that you are following Gods plan for your life if you are not listening? 


If Jesus spend entire nights in prayer, we should spend every waking moment in communion with God. 

Dear reader, I cannot find the words to describe the feeling when God answers your prayer. I want you to experiment the happiness and peace that only God can give. 

“If I fail to spend two hours in prayer each morning, the devil gets the victory through the day.” Martin Luther


Hay tres cosas que predominan en mi vida: escritura, cocinar y música. Y si me conoces bien, sabes que yo uso esto para explicar la vida y pues todo.

Así que cuando pienso en la oración, la comparo con la música. Si tú eres un músico, sabes que la práctica es vital. Es cosa de vida o muerte jejeje…en serio, lo es. Puede tomar meses para perfeccionar una pieza, y aún cuando la pereccionaste, si no la sigues practicando diariamente, pues cuando quieras tocarla otra vez vas a tener que empezar desde zero. 

Así es con la oración. Si tú solamente oras de vez en cuando, no va servir de nada. Nada de resultados. Como puedes llamarte cristiano cuando no te comunicas con Dios? Como puedes decir que estás siguiendo la voluntad De Dios si no lo escuchas? 

Piensa en esto…

Si Jesus paso noches enteras en oración, nosotros deberíamos pasar todo momento en comunión con Dios. 

Querido lector, no encuentro las palabras para poder describir la felicidad cuando Dios te responde! Y quiero que tú también experimentes la felicidad y paz que solo Dios puede dar. 

“Si yo no pasó dos horas en oración cada mañana, el diablo tiene la victoria todo el día.” Martin Lutero

He Is Attractive 


Yes, He was attractive. Still is and always will be. 

But now the question is about you. Are you attractive enough? Or is everyone fleeing your company? They should not be running away from you. If they are, then you might want to change your attitude. 

Your attitude is always the problem. That air of I-am-better will not take you anywhere. You might think that it is heaven approved, and you feel more holy by doing so, but truth be told, it’s the TOTAL opposite. 

Consider this: Jesus and the Pharisees.

Was there anything wrong with all that the Pharisees and scribes taught? Nope. All the rules they taught others to follow were very good. But why did people flee from them? 

You see, much like many of us today, they lived their lives in constant worry. They constantly looked for more burdensome rules. They criticized others who did not do as they said. They exaggerated the rules in the Bible, and even made their own. So, who would find their religion attractive where at every turn you realized you were doing wrong like not washing your hands enough times, or in modern times now, you sin if you crack a joke or cut your hair a certain way? Certainly not me! I’d go crazy by just writing a schedule of all I had to do to be holy.

But then there comes this man who attracts thousands of people. He was more of a rule breaker than a keeper. What made the company and words of Jesus so attractive? 

Remember when He said that we should do all what the Pharisees and scribes said, but not do as they, because they said and did not?  

Well, there is the key: you and your religion will be attractive when all you do and say is born out of love to God. All those regulations and rules will be a delight to do. Kind of like when it’s a joy to stay up till 1AM to chat with the guy/girl you like/love.

Ooopsy doodles! 🙄

Not that I recommend you stay up that late. In fact, you shouldn’t. I take that back…okay, time to stop writing. 😂

Ya No Voy a Leer La Biblia


En el ultimo día del 2016, presente un pequeño estudio en la iglesia. Y me acuerdo muy bien que les recomendé a todos que siguieran un plan para leer la Biblia en el año nuevo.
Bueno, ahora les voy a decir esto: retiro lo dicho.
Calma, clama! Déjenme terminar. No piensen cosas raras.
Pues si, empezando Enero 1, 2017, me metí al Internet y descargue un plan para leer la Biblia entera en un año. Yo ya he leído la Biblia entera, pero quería leerla otra vez y mantener un plan.
Así que empece a leer…
Un día, no leí unos capítulos porque me puse a leer otra parte de la Biblia que iba con lo que se trataba la lección de escuela Sabática; y pues porque no los leí, me sentí como que si mi espiritualidad bajo, o que me estaba extraviando del buen camino.
Que equivocada estaba!
Yo estaba tratando la Biblia como mi libro de química: Tengo que leer todos estos capítulos hoy, y si no los leo, estoy en grandes problemas.
Y aquí esta otra cosa: leo los capítulos que tengo que leer, y después no me acuerdo de nada.
Así que empezando hoy, no voy a seguir un plan. No voy a simplemente leer. La voy a leer diligentemente. No importa si solo leo un verso al día, siempre y cuando lo entienda, lo aplique a mi vida y nunca lo olvide.
“Escudriñad las Escrituras; porque a vosotros os parece que en ellas tenéis la vida eterna; y ellas son las que dan testimonio de mí.” Juan 5:39

I’m Not Reading the Bible Anymore


On the last day of 2016, I presented a little study at church. And I remember recommending everyone there to follow a Bible reading plan for the New Year.

Well, here is the deal: I take that back.

Whoa, whoa! Let me finish here. Don’t jump to conclusions.

Yeah, so beginning January 1, 2017, I went online and downloaded a reading plan to read the entire Bible in one year. I have already read the entire Bible, but I wanted to read it again and stick to a schedule.

And so I began to read…


I missed reading a couple of chapters one day because I got caught up reading another part which was related to what the Sabbath School Lesson was about; and because I did not read them, I somehow felt I was spiritually getting cold and backsliding from the right way.

How wrong I was!

I was treating the Bible like my Chemistry textbook: I have to read all these chapters today, or else I am in BIG trouble.

And here is another thing: you read the amount of chapters you have to read, and then you don’t remember a thing.

So starting today, I will not follow a schedule. I will not merely read the Bible. I will read it diligently. It does not matter if I only read one verse a day, as long as I understand it, apply it to my life, and never forget it.

“Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” John 5:39