A Smile in the Restroom


Yesterday, I had the most amazing experience in the weirdest place ever! Let me tell you what happened:

Since it was father’s day, my family and I were at a restaurant with our close friends having lunch together. We got our meals, found our seating place, and then I headed to that place where it all happened: the restroom! Lol!

As I was washing my hands, a little elderly lady entered the bathroom with her red hair completely destroyed. Like literally! It looked as if someone actually messed up her hair on purpose. I laughed inwardly because that’s the same way I looked! Hahaha! Here in the Antelope Valley, you can’t wear fragile hairdos or hats unless they are glued on to your scalp.

Anyways, this lady takes out her comb and begins to arrange her hair. I had no comb, or fork, so I used my fingers and water to fix it. We were both at the mirror and I began to make conversation.

Me: It sure is terrible windy out there! And that’s the reason I never do nothing to my hair.

*we both laugh*

Me: Have you lived here long in the Antelope Valley?

Little Elderly Lady: Oh yes! I’ve been here sine 19___? I really like it here!

(Yeah, I forgot what year she told me, but it was in the early 1900s)

Me: Wow, that’s amazing! Well, enjoy your lunch and time with your family. 🙂

Little Elderly Lady: Oh thank you! You as well. And listen, you have such a beautiful smile! That smile can only com from a girl who has Jesus in her heart. Continue that way.

Me: *speechless and with a huge smile on my face*

I finally managed to find my tongue after she gave me a hug. I thanked her, and wished her the blessings from God in her life.

Walking  out of that restroom, I felt humbled, happy and so darn privileged! I never expected that to happen in a restroom of all places. But it was such a beautiful experience that I will never forget.

You know something, I can be pretty good at writing, and I express myself better that way, but I struggle speaking in public and to people; but that does not mean that I cannot reach people at all. Even a smile can speak when your voice fails! 🙂

Now, I am not writing this in order to put myself above others, I am simply writing this because I want to encourage you to grow closer to Jesus. Your face portrays exactly what is inside. And speaking of that, it reminds me of another experience I had several weeks ago. This time it was not a very pleasant one, but that’s a story for another time. 😉