It’s Wrong But I Still Do It…So Learn From It.


It is just wrong. Plain and simple.

But I still do it.


I have to do it, else I just go crazy. 

I think no one else does it better than I do.

Or faster than I do. 

But I think I should let her do it too. 

Just make sure she does it well done. 


Okay…if I never allow her the opportunity, she will not learn.

I can’t be everywhere, and do everything at the same time.

Even though I do pride myself in multi-tasking…

Like my Dad says, he who tries to do all, ends up doing little.

I still whish I had 10 hands…

Alright, alright…

I’m done talking. Thanks for listening. 


I’m a Mom!…well, kind of…


Dear Diary,

Till today I fully came to the realization that besides being a sister, I am also a mother. When I am at home with my sisters, and my mother is busy or at work, they look up to me like a motherly figure.

And well, just this past week, it came to my attention that I was not being a good example in a certain way. I was not even aware of my behavior. I thought that what I was doing was fine, because I knew in what circumstance to apply it–and in such said circumstance, it was not bad. But then I found out that my little sister was following my lead. The only difference was that she could not see when it was considered “acceptable”.

That is when I just laid in bed, stared at the ceiling for a good long while, and was ashamed of myself. Something that is wrong is wrong. Period. There is no acceptable or unacceptable time whatsoever to say or do something wrong.

And I just want to say something to all brothers and sister out there: “Your little siblings are watching you. And you will partly be responsible for how they turn out to be. The influence we exert on them is powerful. And it is up to us to use that power for good. Watch your actions and words.”

Image result for big sister and little sister wallpaper

“Train[Be a good example] up a child[your little sibling] in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6