How To Be a True Adult


Being an adult is some pretty serious stuff. Let’s face it, there are some who are physically adult, but the mental part is off because they act like a bunch of kids in kindergarten. I know, I find it amusing to watch as well! 

Okay, so you came here to see how to be an adult, right? Got it. Let’s begin. 

Oh…well, you must know that there are many facets of being an adult. I won’t be able to cover them all here at once, but I’ll cover one of them.

1 Don’t be a people pleaser.

My grandmother used to say this: You will never keep people happy. So just make sure you please the only person that matters, and that person is God. 

She was right.

People will always have something to say. If you didn’t do it, they will be mad because you did not do it. And if you had done it, they would still be mad because you did do it. So here’s what you do: just take your pick. Do what you believe is right, people will be mad anyways. Hahaha! 😂

Bottom line is this: don’t argue like a bunch of spoiled kids. They might be wrong and you might be in the right reason, but you have to be the bigger person. You probably might have to apologize when you did nothing wrong, but if it will keep the peace, why not do it? Why not be a peacemaker? 

Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo!


Sabbath, December 31, 2016

Dear Diary,

This past year has been one of the hardest years of my life. Yet, I don’t complain about it. I honestly can’t complain because I am 100% sure that everything that happened to me this year was because God allowed it. And I am truly thankful for it because those hard times really brought me closer to God.

…2017 will begin in a matter of hours, and I don’t know what it will bring. But I resolve to remain faithful to God no matter what comes. I want to be that positive influence in someone’s life.

Most of all, I pray that with God’s help I may continue in the right path and not stray from it.

Happy New Year!

I ❤ you guys!

~Heidi Alonso


Sábado, Diciembre 31, 2016

Querido Diario,

Este año ha sido el mas difícil de mi vida. Pero no me quejo. Honestamente, no puedo quejarme porque estoy 100% segura de que todo lo que paso fue porque Dios lo permitió. Y estoy agradecida por ello, porque esos tiempos difíciles me acercaron mas a Dios. 

…el 2017 ya va comenzar en unas pocas horas, y pues no se que vaya traer este año. Pero resuelvo mantenerme fiel a Dios no importa lo que venga. Yo quiero ser esa influencia positiva en la vida de alguien. 

Mas que todo, espero que con la ayuda de Dios nunca me desvíe del buen camino.

Feliz Año Nuevo! 

Los quiero mucho! ❤

~Heidi Alonso


La Relación Que NUNCA Esperaba


Durante esta semana, escuche que una persona dijo que la relación mas mejor y duradera es la que nunca esperabas.

Crees que esto es verdad?

Honestamente, he estado pensando  mucho en esto, y decidí preguntarle a unos de mis amigos que pensaban sobre esto. (Conforme me vayan mandando mas respuestas, las voy a escribir aquí.) 

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“Si, yo pienso que es mejor cuando realmente no estas buscando una relación…hay algo muy bonito acerca de la providencia de Dios al estar involucrado en una relación. Es mucho mejor así, porque te mantiene al borde tu asiento–hablando generalmente–porque debemos orar para que se haga la voluntad de Dios, y eso significa que uno debe estar al tanto de lo que ocurre al rededor de nosotros en todo tiempo porque tenemos que estar seguros que Dios este guiando nuestra relación…yo pienso que es mejor conocer a alguien inesperadamente, en lugar de que uno “este buscando” o esperando estar en un relación…muchas veces hacemos el error en usar mucha energía y tiempo en buscar estar en esa “relación perfecta.” S.G

“Dios siempre esta en control del futuro, y sus planes no siempre son los nuestros. Así que pues una relación que uno esperaba, pues es la mejor.” R.D

“Yo no veo ninguna conexión entre la mas larga y duradera relación con que la relación se inesperada o no. Pero si digo que las mejores relaciones son aquellas que Dios une. Tal vez lo esperábamos, o quizás no.” Enoch Leffingwell

“Hay “milagros” que sabemos que no son “milagros”, son las obras maravillosas de Dios que uno no puede alcanzar a comprender…” M.B

“Yo estoy de acuerdo de que las relaciones que se desarrollan espontáneamente son mejores de aquellas que fueron planeadas. Así como dice el verso: los planes de Dios no son los nuestros. Y eso es lo que debemos tener en mente en respecto a relaciones y otros aspectos de nuestra vida.” S.A.J.N

Si tu has estado en una relación que no funciono, y en la cual construiste varios castillos de paja, pues estoy segura de que ahora sabes que la mejor relación no es la que esperabas o planeabas–es aquella que felizmente aceptaste como un regalo, envuelto en el papel de confianza en Dios.

Porque mis pensamientos no son vuestros pensamientos, ni vuestros caminos mis caminos, dijo Jehová. Como son más altos los cielos que la tierra, así son mis caminos más altos que vuestros caminos, y mis pensamientos más que vuestros pensamientos.” Isaias 55:8-9






The Relationship I NEVER Expected


During this week, I heard one person say that the best and lasting relationship is the one you never expected.

Do you think this is true?

I honestly have been thinking about this a lot, and so I decided to ask several of my friends about their opinion on this matter. (Later when I get more responses, I will edit in their opinions.)

Image result for love

 “Yes I do think that it’s best when you are not really looking for a relationship…there is something about providence being involved in a relationship that makes it that much better, as it keeps you on the edge of your seat because–generally speaking–we pray for God’s will to be done, so that means we have to be aware of what is taking place around us at all times because we want to make sure that God is leading in our relationships…I do think that it is better to have an unexpected encounter than to have one where you are “looking for” or expecting to be in a relationship…many times we make a mistake in using to much of our strength and time in looking to be in that “perfect” relationship.” S.G

“God is always in control of the future, and His plans are not always our plans. So yes, a relationship you never expected is the best one.” R.D

“I don’t see any connection with the best and longest relationships having anything to do with us expecting them or not. But I’d say our best relationships are the ones that God unites together. Sometimes we expect it sometimes we don’t.” Enoch Leffingwell

“There are “miracles”, which we know are not “miracles”, they are God’s mighty ways, that we can’t even imagine…” M.B

“I do agree that the relationships that develop spontaneously do end up working out better than those which were planned or pursued. Like the verse says: God’s plans are not your plans. That is what we need to keep in mind when thinking of relationships and other aspects of life.” S.A.J.N

If you’ve had a failed relationship in which you built countless straw castles, then I am pretty sure that you now know that the best relationship is not the one you expected or planned–it will be the one that you gladly accepted as a gift, wrapped in the gift paper of trust in God.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LordFor as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9

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TOP 6 Most Thankful Bible Characters


Another Thanksgiving Day has been added to our memories! Thanks to the Lord 🙂

I will not write about the usual rutinary ‘What Am I Thankful For’ theme. Of course, that does not mean I am not thankful, because I am. I am thankful for God’s patience with me, my family, friends and church family whom I love deeply. But I’ll write about something a little different. My brother gave me this idea, and I thought it was great. So let’s take a look at people from the Bible who were great examples in the theme of Thanksgiving.



So you might be wondering what is Jonah doing here. We usually do no associate the word ‘thankfull’ with him—at all. Instead, other words come to mind, such as #1 Fearful Prophet who needed anger management therapy. Anyways, we tend to think that Jonah deserved to get sucked up by that whale because he tried to run away from God; but have you read the prayer he offered while in the belly of the whale?

Jonah 2: 9-10 But I will sacrifice unto thee with the voice of thanksgiving; I will pay that that I have vowed. Salvation is of the Lord. And the Lord spake unto the fish, and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry land.”

Just think of it…being in the belly of a huge whale…I would surely be so thankful to God if I did not end up getting digested.


Image result for moses

Have you ever been so thankful, that you were inspired to write a song at the moment, and the words and music just came to you without even trying hard?

Well, it happened to Moses after God’s great deliverance at the Red Sea. And the song is one that expresses profound gratitude.

Exodus 15: 4-6Pharaoh’s chariots and his host hath he cast into the sea: his chosen captains also are drowned in the Red sea. The depths have covered them: they sank into the bottom as a stone. Thy right hand, O Lord, is become glorious in power: thy right hand, OLord, hath dashed in pieces the enemy.”


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So the parable is of a son who demands his father to give him his share of his inheritance. He goes and wastes it and when he is broke, he returns to his father. He is dirty, and smelly—and yet his father is thankful and overjoyed to see him, that he does not care about how he is or how bad he smells, but plants a great big kiss on his cheek.

It’s interesting to note this:

Who does the prodigal son represent? Yes, you and me.

Who does the father of the prodigal represent? God, right?

So…can we imply or assume that God is the most thankful person on earth??

I’m sure you and me can both agree that God has many reasons NOT to be grateful for, such as our evil and unruly behavior towards Him. BUT we can see from this parable, that God is truly thankful to see His stray children come back to Him.


Image result for the desire of ages jesus

A virgin pregnancy.

I put myself in her place, and I get scared. Mary was engaged to be married to Joseph, and then she was going to tell him that she had not been with no man, but that she was pregnant? Imagine her sadness when Joseph decided to leave her!

In Luke 1:38, Mary did not seem to be “thankful”, per say. All she said was, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.” But later on in the same chapter, we also see that she is so thankful, as she speaks these words: My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.”

Imagine having the privilege of being the mother of Jesus! What an honor!


Image result for hannah and samuel

I cannot think of a most thankful act, than that of a person who promises to give her son to the Lord.

When little Samuel was weaned, he was taken to the tabernacle to live there and work for in the Lord’s cause.

1 Samuel 2:19Moreover his mother made him a little coat, and brought it to him from year to year, when she came up with her husband to offer the yearly sacrifice.”

Can you imagine seeing your little boy only once a year?

Would we all be like Hannah—that when we see all that the Lord has done for us this past year, we can give Him our heart.

#1 JOB

Image result for job bible

How can you be thankful and bless God when your loved ones are dead, and everything you have–including your health–is taken from you in one single day?

This happened to Job, and yet he never cursed God.

He said this instead: “…the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

You know, things will not always be smooth and nice for us. Bad times will come; but when they do, may you and I have that strong trust in God that no matter what comes our way, we will still be able to give thanks and smile through our tears.

1 Thessalonians 5:18In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”  





Le Es Permitido a Un Cristiano Sentirse Con EL Corazón Roto? (PARTE 2)



Sabes, aun Dios nos da evidencia. El nos invita a que lo probemos.

Salmos 34:8 

Gustad, y ved que es bueno Jehová;
Dichoso el hombre que confía en él.”

Y como construimos esa relación con Dios? Por la comunicación diaria: oras y lees su palabra, verdad?

Ahora vamos a traducir esto a una relación entre hombre y mujer.


En una relación, hablas con esa persona especial, compartes tus suenos, lo que te gusta y lo que no, se conocen el uno a otro, y diligente y bien rápido lees esos mensajes de texto que te manda, verdad?


Y bueno, así como con Dios, esa confianza se fortalece a base de evidencia y pruebas. Poco a poco vas a ver como es esa persona. Durante el camino, van a pasar cosas que te van a dejar ver si esta persona es digna de tu confianza, tiempo, o amor. Y después va a venir ese momento en la cual lo/la vas a poder mirar y saber que puedes confiar en el/ella–pero aun así sabiendo y estando consciente de que el/ella es humano/a, y que al igual que tu, puede cometer un error.

Tu NO PUEDES confiar en un humano así como confías en Dios. Dios es todopoderoso y no te va a fallar. Nombra una vez en la cual Dios ha fallado su promesa. Yo se que no pudiste, porque Dios NUNCA nos falla, y nunca lo hará.

Bueno, ahora…



Juan 11:35Jesús lloró.”

Mateo 27:46 Cerca de la hora novena, Jesús clamó a gran voz, diciendo: Elí, Elí, ¿lama sabactani? Esto es: Dios mío, Dios mío, ¿por qué me has desamparado?”

Jesús si se sintió con el corazón roto. Se sintió tan angustiado por el gran amor que nos tenia; a ti y a mi. No podía soportar el pensamiento de poder perdernos.

Pero su angustia, no se puede comparar con la que nosotros sentimos. La naturaleza de como uno siente el corazón roto, va algo así:

  • Nunca voy a confiar en los hombres porque aquel fulano me quebró el corazón.
  • No voy a volver a hablar con el/ella porque el/ella me traiciono, y no se merece ser mi amigo/amiga.
  • El/Ella no se merece un ‘Hola” de mi.
  • Lo/La odio.
  • Lo/La voy a quitar de amigo/a de Facebook, y lo/la voy a bloquear.

Ahora mira como Jesús lo mira:

Zacarias 13:6Y le preguntarán: ¿Qué heridas son estas en tus manos? Y él responderá: Con ellas fui herido en casa de mis amigos.”

Apocalipsis 3:20He aquí, yo estoy a la puerta y llamo; si alguno oye mi voz y abre la puerta, entraré a él, y cenaré con él, y él conmigo.”

Juan 15:13Nadie tiene mayor amor que este, que uno ponga su vida por sus amigos.”

Lucas 12:7 Pues aun los cabellos de vuestra cabeza están todos contados. No temáis, pues; más valéis vosotros que muchos pajarillos.”

Isaias 54:10Porque los montes se moverán, y los collados temblarán, pero no se apartará de ti mi misericordia, ni el pacto de mi paz se quebrantará, dijo Jehová, el que tiene misericordia de ti.”

Isaias 49:15-16 ¿Se olvidará la mujer de lo que dio a luz, para dejar de compadecerse del hijo de su vientre? Aunque olvide ella, yo nunca me olvidaré de ti. He aquí que en las palmas de las manos te tengo esculpida; delante de mí están siempre tus muros.” 

Claro que si nos podemos sentir con el corazón roto, nos vamos a sentir tristes y desanimados; pero también vamos a poder perdonar y no quebrarnos porque nuestra fortaleza esta en Dios.


Mateo 18:21-22Entonces se le acercó Pedro y le dijo: Señor, ¿cuántas veces perdonaré a mi hermano que peque contra mí? ¿Hasta siete? Jesús le dijo: No te digo hasta siete, sino aun hasta setenta veces siete.”







Are Christians Allowed to Feel Heartbroken? (PART 2)



You know, even God gives us evidence. He invites us to try Him.

Psalms 34:8 

“O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” 

And how do we build that relationship with God? By daily communication. You pray, you share and read His word, right?

Now let’s translate that to a relationship.


In a relationship, you talk with your special someone, you share your dreams, your likes and dislikes, you get to know one another, and you diligently and quickly read those texts and messages that he/she sends, right?


And just like with God, that trust is built on evidence and proof. By and by you see how that person is. Things will happen along the way that will allow you to see just how true this person is. And then will come that time when you look at that person and know that it is okay to trust him/her, while still being very aware of the fact that he/she is human, and like you, can make mistakes.

You CANNOT trust a human as you would with God. God is all powerful and will never fail you. Go ahead and name one time in which God failed His promise. He NEVER has, and never will.

Okay, so…



John 11:35 “Jesus wept.” 

Matthew 27:46 ” And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” 

Jesus did feel heartbroken. He felt heartbroken because of the great love He had for us; for you and me. He could not bear the thought of losing us.

His heartbreak, on the other hand, cannot be compared to the heartbreak that we humans feel. The nature of our heartbreak goes something like this

*I will never trust men ever again because so and so broke my heart

*I am not going to talk to her/him again because he betrayed me, he/she does not deserve to my friend

*He/she does not deserve my ‘hello’

*I hate him/her

*I am going to unfriend him/her, and block him/her from Facebook

Now take a look at how Jesus looks at it:

Zechariah 13:6 “And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.” 

Revelation 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” 

John 15:13 “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” 

Luke 12:7 “But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.” 

Isaiah 54:10 “For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the LORD that hath mercy on the” 

Isaiah 49:15-16 ” Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.” 

Yes, we can feel heartbroken, we will feel sad and discouraged–we will cry; but we will also be able to forgive and not fall apart because our stronghold is on God.



Matthew 18:21-22 “Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.”