The Perfect Size


*giggly sigh*

Oh my goodness! Am I the only one who goes to the clothing store and gets all the sizes wrong? Please tell me I am not. ;P

Well, I went to the store the other day, and I did a little shopping spree 😉 I found some really good deals on sweaters, and I got one for everyone. Even my little puppy almost got one, but they did not have his size ( That is about the only size I got right! haha).

So, I got one for my Mom and Dad and eagerly brought it home for them. I don’t know about you, but when my siblings and I were little–little of age, not height ;)–we were taught to work for what we wanted. We never asked or whined for money from my parents. So it was a very great accomplishment to whip out like 2 dollars and bring home a box of cereal bars. Made me feel like an adult and like I was contributing. I suppose that you can say that I still have a little of that in me; that feeling of satisfaction of contributing to the household in any way I can, and boy do I love giving gifts.

Yeah, so the sweaters I got them were way too big. Here I was thinking that they just would not wear them because c’mon, who would want to wear a baggy sack of potatoes? Well, that was a Sunday, and on Sabbath we went to church and was I surprised to see my parents both wear the sweaters I bought them! I really thought they would just probably wear them around the house per say, but no. Here they are walking to church all looking proud.

Dad to my Mom: I really like this sweater. Pretty warm and not heavy at all.

Guys, I don’t know what I felt. It just made me so warm and happy to see them like my gift even though I screwed up on the sizes. They were just so proud to wear what I gave them.

And I think it is the same with God. You do not have to pretend or be perfect  in order for Him to accept you. He accepts you just the way you are, and then He is just so proud to walk with you and tell the whole wide world that you are His son/daughter.

Isn’t that amazing?!




If the Dress Fits, Put it On


Why do you have to be the bigger person?

Why do you have to do things when the others do not reciprocate?

Things that are so unfair…just to keep the peace and sanity of your so-called social group. Not that they can be called sane…haha!

*sigh* I know it is hard, but when you look at it, it is worth it. Don’t lower yourself to their level. Don’t do what they do.

And when you think that nothing else will be able to put some sense into their head, and feel like doing exactly what they do in order to get some sweet revenge, just think that your opposite actions could actually and hopefully get them to change.

“Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire in his head.” Romans 12:20

P.S. Come to think of it, placing some nice coals of fire in their head is a pretty beneficial revenge. 😉

I’m sorry if I was too harsh, but I just needed to do some venting here. I just had a little run-in with some peeps at college today; but if the dress fits, by all means put it on! I’m not stopping you. You can have the dress, because it looks sooo nice on you! 

The Path to Take/El Camino a Tomar


There before me,

Lies the path.

Shining verity and assurance.

 I still cannot see,

The end.

How long is it?

“Long enough to change you.”

It is overgrown.

How many have traveled on it?  

Very few indeed.”

I don’t see anyone.

Am I to walk alone?

“I will hold your hand.”

It’s getting dark…

“Take my hand.”

Will no one come with me?

“Go forward.”

Am I the only one in this path?

“Go forward.”

This path is hidden.

How will they find me?

“Go forward.”

“They will follow the light.” 

We went forward.

The path was taken. 

The journey begun.

~Heidi Alonso


Estaba delante de mi,

El camino a tomar.

Brillando veracidad y aseguranza. 

No puedo ver,

El final.

¿Que tan largo es?

“Suficiente para cambiarte.”

Hay muchas hierbas.

“¿Cuantos han viajado aquí?”


No veo a nadie.

¿Viajaré sola?

“Toma mi mano.”

Se oscurece.

“Toma mi mano.”

¿Nadie vendrá conmigo?


¿Soy la única en este camino?


El camino no es común.

No lo encontrarán.


“Seguirán La Luz.”


Tomamos el camino.

El viaje comenzó.

~Heidi Alonso




How many times have you heard this word? 

Read it? 

Does it mean something to you? 

…Such a small word with a world of significance…

…it moves mountains.

It moves mountains! 

Still we decide to dwell on our doubts,

Rather than see them cast into the sea.


I forget. 

We forget.

How God has led us in the past. 

Never forget.

Talk faith.

Live faith.

Faith like that of a child…

…that is the key to heaven. 

~ Heidi Alonso



Cuantas veces has escuchado esta palabra? 


Significa algo para ti? 

…una palabra tan pequeña con un mundo de significado…

…mueve montañas…

Mueve montañas! 

Aún si, decidimos seguir con nuestras dudas,

En lugar de verlas en el fondo de la mar. 


Me olvido.

Te olvidas.

Como Dios nos a guiado en el pasado.

Nunca olvides.

Habla fe.

Vive la fe.

Fe como la de un niño…

…es la llave del cielo. 

~Heidi Alonso

An Answered Prayer/ Una Oración Contestada


There are three things that predominate in my life: writing, cooking and music. So if you know me, you are aware that I use all of this to explain life and pretty much everything. 

So when it comes to prayer, I think about music. All of you musicians out there know that practice is vital. It’s like a matter of life or death hehehe…seriously, it is. It can take months for a musician to perfect a song, and even when he perfected it, if he does not continue to practice it daily, then when he wants to play it again he will have to begin from zero. 

So it is with prayer. If you pray once in a while, it will NOT be effectual at all. Zero results my friends. How can you call yourself a Christian if you do not communicate with God? How can you say that you are following Gods plan for your life if you are not listening? 


If Jesus spend entire nights in prayer, we should spend every waking moment in communion with God. 

Dear reader, I cannot find the words to describe the feeling when God answers your prayer. I want you to experiment the happiness and peace that only God can give. 

“If I fail to spend two hours in prayer each morning, the devil gets the victory through the day.” Martin Luther


Hay tres cosas que predominan en mi vida: escritura, cocinar y música. Y si me conoces bien, sabes que yo uso esto para explicar la vida y pues todo.

Así que cuando pienso en la oración, la comparo con la música. Si tú eres un músico, sabes que la práctica es vital. Es cosa de vida o muerte jejeje…en serio, lo es. Puede tomar meses para perfeccionar una pieza, y aún cuando la pereccionaste, si no la sigues practicando diariamente, pues cuando quieras tocarla otra vez vas a tener que empezar desde zero. 

Así es con la oración. Si tú solamente oras de vez en cuando, no va servir de nada. Nada de resultados. Como puedes llamarte cristiano cuando no te comunicas con Dios? Como puedes decir que estás siguiendo la voluntad De Dios si no lo escuchas? 

Piensa en esto…

Si Jesus paso noches enteras en oración, nosotros deberíamos pasar todo momento en comunión con Dios. 

Querido lector, no encuentro las palabras para poder describir la felicidad cuando Dios te responde! Y quiero que tú también experimentes la felicidad y paz que solo Dios puede dar. 

“Si yo no pasó dos horas en oración cada mañana, el diablo tiene la victoria todo el día.” Martin Lutero

Home Sweet Home/Hogar Dulce Hogar 


Hey guys! I’m back…finally. 😂 

This summer has been travel, travel and more traveling. I had the opportunity of canvassing in Colorado, camping in Yellowstone, traveling to Mexico to visit my family and being part of the NCC Music Camp in Northern California. 

I know…a lot going on. 

Yet, I am so happy I was able to go to all these places. Memories were made that I’ll never forget: I met wonderful people, made new friendships and I also learned much–some of which I plan to share with you in later posts.

But what I want to share today is this: have you paid attention to that feeling of peace and security you feel when you finally get home after a long journey? Well, I had never really realized that till now. I had been away from home for almost 2 months, and when I did get home at last, I sighed the longest sigh: I was finally home. 

You know, I’m sure that what I felt will be felt 100 times more once we reach heaven. Only in heaven will that phrase live up to it’s true meaning: I’m home. 


Hola amigos/as! Ya regresse…por fin. 😂 

Este verano viaje bastante. Tuve la oportunidad de colportar en Colorado, acampar en Yellowstone, viajar a México a visitar mi familia y también ser parte del congreso de música en el Norte de California.

Ya se…muchas cosas.

Pero estoy feliz que pude ir a todos esos lugares. Hice hermosas memorias, conocí a nevas personas, hice nuevas amistades y también aprendi muchas lecciones– y algunas voy a compartir en otros artículos. 

Pero lo que quiero compartir hoy es esto: le has prestado atención a esa sensación de paz y seguridad que sientes cuando llegas a casa después de un largo viaje? Bueno, yo nunca le había puesto atención hasta ahora. Estuve fuera de casa por casi 2 meses, y cuando llegue a casa, suspire el más largo suspiro: Por fin estaba en casa. 

Sabes, yo creo que esa misma sensación vamos a sentir en grado mayor cuando estemos en el cielo. Solamente alli junto a Dios, esa frase va a significar lo que realmente debe significar: Finalmente estoy en mi hogar. 

The Side Effects of Being Homeschooled 


Yeah, so I have been away for several weeks… sorry about that. But—thank goodness—I do have a very valid excuse for all of this. You see, I began college a few weeks ago. This will be my third week to be exact.

So with that in mind, I want to make a little reflection on my past educational life, since, as many of you know, I have been homeschooled basically my entire life. And yes! That is my class picture in the cover photo. Don’t we look so cute!

Anyways, I will now be answering some questions that have been accumulating for years. These questions I have either been asked directly, or I have heard them asked to my parents, or they are just general questions people ask when they realize that I am a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement, and that I was homeschooled, and therefore will freak out and drop college because I did not have a social life since I was locked up in the house studying and because I dress different, and because basically I am not used to the outside world. In other words because I’m an anti-social weirdo.

Well, let’s answer the questions, shall we. And note, these questions I am answering very honestly. I will not hide anything here.

1) What do you think about college?

College has been a great growing experience for me. It has allowed me to grow more into an adult. I have been able to put into practice all that I have learned before.

2) Is college too hard for you?

Honestly, it’s way too easy. I am in a class where I basically know everything. And here I thought that college would keep me awake doing homework at night. Maybe when I get to hard core math, then I’ll be crying my eyes out, but so far so good.

3) How have you coped with being in a classroom setting…?

Because I was homeschooled and if I am in classroom with 29 plus students I will faint? I have actually enjoyed the classroom setting very much. It’s dynamic and I like participating. And yes, I do prefer studying on my own account, but that love for self teaching has helped in my college assignments. While the other students pile over to the professors desk to ask more questions and to get their sheet of information further explained because they just cannot figure it out on their own accord, I just walk out of class because I already know what I have to do.

4) Do you feel you have to dress different in order to fit in?

Fit in? I dress how I like. I don’t feel I need to dress differently in order to fit in. The only person I need to please is God, and no one else. Actually, the way I dress has helped me very much. I am treated with respect from young men. I have had several experiences in this regard, but Ill mention one here: One time, I was coming out of the classroom and a young man—classmate of mine—let the door close on another girl who was dressed very inappropriately, but he held it open just for me. I must confess I felt like a princess! And in reality I am, and so are you. We are daughters of the King of Kings and we ought to dress and behave like one too.

5) How about guys? Has any guy approached you with bad intentions? Do they look at you differently or with wrong eyes? 

Yes I have been approached. With bad intentions? Well, if a guy wants to buy you an iPhone, is that a bad intention?? LOL! I have only been approached once in all the time I have been here. But it was one of those guys who seem to have a chronic mental problem. Those who come to college just to pick up chicks they say. I mean, c’mon there are no chickens in college as far as I know. Go to the farm for that. Hahaha! Yeah, I know what that term means. I’m just being funny. Those guys need to glue their nose in a book and actually study. And yes, I know how to handle them. Hmmm, looked at me with different eyes? Oh yes, all the time! Of course they look at me, but they look at me with respect. Not one guy has ever looked at me with another look in their eyes because I never give them reason to do so.

6) Do you have friends in college?

Remember, I am a social human being. Lol! Yes, I have friends, but rather acquaintances. Sometimes, I attend this group where young people get together to read the Bible. I find it amazing because I can share about my beliefs, and I can also ask questions in order to make the others think more deeply about a Bible verse.

7) Have you done missionary work in college?  

Of course I have, and it has been great! I have given out several Steps to Christ, and I have also sold some books to some friends. I also began this little project where I leave little anonymous notes with Bible verses, or an inspiring quote in empty desks, and people actually take them. At times, I also leave Steps to Christ in empty desks along with a little note, and the next day when I walk by to check the spots where I left them, they are no longer there because people keep the book! It’s just simply amazing!

8) How are your grades?

Straight A’s, with God’s help. I like to study, so I am one of the top students in my class.

9) Is college a temptation to bend your principles in regards to your beliefs? Are you not afraid that you will slip into the world and leave the church?

This has never been a problem I worried about. Why would I be afraid? Of course, in college and pretty much everywhere you will have temptations surround you, it is up to you not to let those temptations dominate you. One has to have that constant relationship with God in order to resist. We of ourselves CANNOT resist on our own. And yes, although, as I said, this has never been a worry to me, I am conscious of the fact that I cannot afford to neglect my relationship with God at any time. With God’s help, I am still here, and I pray that I don’t stray from the right path.

10) Do you like any guy in college?  

Several people have asked me this, and I’m guessing a greater number just don’t dare ask me. LOL! And I think a lot of people think this a great risk because there have been countless cases where a girl goes off to college, she falls in love with a guy, and then she has a kid or she just leaves the church and slips into everlasting doom. But my answer is no. I do not like any guy here. I came here to study, not to waste my time. Of course, please don’t be under the impression that I am saying that I am a saint and I will never do this or that. I am a human, and I make mistakes, but I am trying, with God’s help, to stay away from those mistakes. And I know that if you really care about me, and care about all those young people from the church also studying in college, I know you will pray for them.

11) Why didn’t you go Missionary School first and then attend a Christian/Adventist college?

Missionary school? I have already taken missionary courses. I have not been able to attend a full course of say two years in Australia, but if presented with the opportunity, of course I would go. But one does not really need to travel in order to learn something that you can very well learn on your own at home. And why did I not go to a Christian college so that I would not slip into the world? Do you realize the time in which we live in? To me there is no difference between a secular college to that of a Christian or Adventist one. Of course, in the Adventist one they would understand things about not being able to work on Sabbath or the like, but in regards to the rest, it’s pretty much the same. So for me, choosing AVC was the best option. I was not going to say move to another state in order to study and waste money where I have a perfectly amazing college 45 minutes away from my home. I honestly find it very unreasonable, when young people move out from their parents home in order to go study. What are they trying to do, get rid of their parents rules for once in their life? I mean, I know that that is not always the case, but for me I just found this college to be perfect because I was going to be still at home and be able to help my parents. I don’t want to leave my parents home just yet. I’ll be sad enough when I get married and then I’ll have to move out. Hehehe!

12) Did you wish you were never homeschooled?

This is probably the question I have been asked the most. And it’s funny in the sense that all throughout the years my response has not changed: Yes, homeschooled has A LOT of side effects, you learn to study on your own; you learn to love and appreciate your home; one gets to spend the entire time with their parents; you learn at your own pace; you avoid peer pressure; you learn to have self-control and not play outside until you finish your work; you can study outside on a nice sunny day; the kitchen becomes a classroom, and there’s the perk of, you know, nibbling on a cookie while you work out a division problem (ummm, eating between meals in not good, so please leave the cookie alone); I became a teacher at a very young age because I helped teach my two younger sisters; I had time to dedicate to music and writing. Well, I could go on and on with this list, but I’m afraid I have written so much already. In a nutshell, my answer is this: I AM BLESSED BECAUSE I WAS HOMESCHOOLED. I NEVER regret being taught at home. I look back into my childhood years and I smile because I enjoyed it very much. And now that I’m all grown up and going to college, all those things I learned at home are proving to be helpful to me.

P.S. Special thanks to God, my parents, sister Marin, the Torpey family who have supported us through this wonderful journey.