An Answered Prayer/ Una Oración Contestada


There are three things that predominate in my life: writing, cooking and music. So if you know me, you are aware that I use all of this to explain life and pretty much everything. 

So when it comes to prayer, I think about music. All of you musicians out there know that practice is vital. It’s like a matter of life or death hehehe…seriously, it is. It can take months for a musician to perfect a song, and even when he perfected it, if he does not continue to practice it daily, then when he wants to play it again he will have to begin from zero. 

So it is with prayer. If you pray once in a while, it will NOT be effectual at all. Zero results my friends. How can you call yourself a Christian if you do not communicate with God? How can you say that you are following Gods plan for your life if you are not listening? 


If Jesus spend entire nights in prayer, we should spend every waking moment in communion with God. 

Dear reader, I cannot find the words to describe the feeling when God answers your prayer. I want you to experiment the happiness and peace that only God can give. 

“If I fail to spend two hours in prayer each morning, the devil gets the victory through the day.” Martin Luther


Hay tres cosas que predominan en mi vida: escritura, cocinar y música. Y si me conoces bien, sabes que yo uso esto para explicar la vida y pues todo.

Así que cuando pienso en la oración, la comparo con la música. Si tú eres un músico, sabes que la práctica es vital. Es cosa de vida o muerte jejeje…en serio, lo es. Puede tomar meses para perfeccionar una pieza, y aún cuando la pereccionaste, si no la sigues practicando diariamente, pues cuando quieras tocarla otra vez vas a tener que empezar desde zero. 

Así es con la oración. Si tú solamente oras de vez en cuando, no va servir de nada. Nada de resultados. Como puedes llamarte cristiano cuando no te comunicas con Dios? Como puedes decir que estás siguiendo la voluntad De Dios si no lo escuchas? 

Piensa en esto…

Si Jesus paso noches enteras en oración, nosotros deberíamos pasar todo momento en comunión con Dios. 

Querido lector, no encuentro las palabras para poder describir la felicidad cuando Dios te responde! Y quiero que tú también experimentes la felicidad y paz que solo Dios puede dar. 

“Si yo no pasó dos horas en oración cada mañana, el diablo tiene la victoria todo el día.” Martin Lutero


It’s Wrong But I Still Do It…So Learn From It.


It is just wrong. Plain and simple.

But I still do it.


I have to do it, else I just go crazy. 

I think no one else does it better than I do.

Or faster than I do. 

But I think I should let her do it too. 

Just make sure she does it well done. 


Okay…if I never allow her the opportunity, she will not learn.

I can’t be everywhere, and do everything at the same time.

Even though I do pride myself in multi-tasking…

Like my Dad says, he who tries to do all, ends up doing little.

I still whish I had 10 hands…

Alright, alright…

I’m done talking. Thanks for listening. 

More Stress…More Success!


Yeah, you heard me right.

The more stress you have, the more success you will have in everything you do.

But under SOME conditions, of course.

I believe this is true because it just happened to me this week. You see, this past week I was so busy getting college paperwork ready that I nearly lost my head. This might be easy for some people, but if you must know something about me, then remember this: I DON’T LIKE DEALING WITH PAPERWORK, DOCUMENTS AND PHONE CALLS.

So I was really getting stressed out, and I still got more stress ahead. But I’m glad about it.

Here are the conditions–>

The more stress I have, the more I remind myself to do my very best at all times. And also, the more I rely on God to help me out when it seems that I can’t go on anymore.

Yeah, go ahead and get stressed out…but don’t forget that only God can accompany you there. So don’t forget to take Him along. 🙂