He Is Calling You: My Worst Nightmare


Yes, something worse did come.

It was November, and I was like 17 years old then. My Dad took sick, and we all thought it was just the normal cold that one gets as fall turns to winter. Two weeks passed and the fever did not go away. My mother and I did all we could, and all we knew, in order to help him–and I’m referring to natural remedies here.

My Dad decided to go to the doctor and get a diagnosis. When they got back, my Mom did not allow us near my Dad because what he had was contagious. Some days later, my Mom took him to the hospital. I remember my Mom calling home and when I asked how Dad was doing, she did not answer but asked me to pass the phone to my brother. I’ll never forget the face my brother had when he took that phone. I later learned the truth: my Dad could…he could die at any moment.

Knowing that threw me into the most depressed state I had ever been. There was still more pressure as I was caring for my two little sisters and I just cried when they asked me in the middle of the night when was Daddy coming home. I just had no idea what to say.

It was there when I realized I could not give what I did not have. In order to give hope and peace to my sisters, I needed that peace and hope myself. I came to the realization that God was using this trial to wake me up. And I could not ignore His call any longer. Reading God’s word and long prayers in the night was what made me go on. I felt such peace, such comfort! I could not wait to just spend time with God alone.

My Dad did come back home. And what joy to see him again! Such gratitude towards God.

And so what I want to tell you is this: do not wait for the worse to come in order to really surrender your life to God. You cannot afford to loose time. The time is now, today.


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