Martyr of the Catacombs


Hello my lovely readers! Today I decided to write a little book review if you will, about a book that bears the title Martyr of the Catacombs, which was written by an anonymous writer.

I will let you in on a little background about how I found out about this book:

Okay, so I have been home-schooled pretty much all my life, and my parents ordered our school books from a christian organization via catalog. The organization (Rod & Staff) carried music books, story books for teens and young adult, and among these was the book Martyr of the Catacombs.

My Mom bought this little book, and read it to us. I loved it so much, that I read it like two times afterwards. The story that it told just amazed me to the very core! It goes likes this:

A young Roman army captain is baffled by the brutalities endured by the Christians. He sees young ladies singing while being devoured by lions! All this and more touches his heart and sets the fire of true inquiry in his heart. He later converts to Christianity despite knowing that it will cost him his very life.

“One by one the voices were hushed in blood, and agony, and death; one by one the shrieks of anguish were mingled with the shouts of praise; and these fair young spirits, so heroic under suffering and faithful unto death, had carried their song to join it with the psalm of the redeemed on high.”

Reading this book will truly help you understand the experience of the early church and the terrible persecution that they suffered. You know, being a christian back then was really something more than just attending church. Being a christian at that time meant that you could loose your life at any moment if you were discovered.

And now, are we true Christians?

Do we love God with all our heart that we would gladly die for Him? Are we able to say, “Thou O Lord didst die for me; it is a privilege for me to die for thee?”

I pray our answer is yes.

“Unto Him that loved us
To Him that washed us from our sins
In his own blood;
To Him that made us kings and priests,
To God and the Father;
To Him be glory and dominion
Forever and ever.
Halleluiah. Amen!”