It’s Wrong But I Still Do It…So Learn From It.


It is just wrong. Plain and simple.

But I still do it.


I have to do it, else I just go crazy. 

I think no one else does it better than I do.

Or faster than I do. 

But I think I should let her do it too. 

Just make sure she does it well done. 


Okay…if I never allow her the opportunity, she will not learn.

I can’t be everywhere, and do everything at the same time.

Even though I do pride myself in multi-tasking…

Like my Dad says, he who tries to do all, ends up doing little.

I still whish I had 10 hands…

Alright, alright…

I’m done talking. Thanks for listening. 


Wood Chopping 101


Sabbath, April 2, 2016

Dear Diary,

I just got back from church, and I have to say that it was a very beautiful day! I enjoyed every minute of it. The highlight of the day was the sermon that was given by Br. Daniel Balbach. I mean, such a powerful experience he shared of when he went to South Africa. Wow…I really needed to hear that sermon today. I am so thankful. 🙂

And well, I also just found out that some of my awesome readers had some questions and comments for me about my previous post. So I will answer them here for you guys.

I’d like to know what are the 5 dishes you learned to make in 3 hours? ~S.G

My little sister helped me cook beans, and I just added water and salt as needed, and made sure they did not overflow on me. I made Mexican rice, cactus salad (contains cactus, onions, cilantro, tomato, lime juice and salt), Mexican stew with potatoes and cactus, and lastly I made sopa de fideo. Sopa de fideo is a Mexican soup that is made of toasted angle hair pasta in a broth made of tomatoes, onion, garlic, cumin and salt.

So yeah, as you can see,  I love cactus you guys. Thumbs up if you like them too. High five for you!  Now if you don’t like them, then comment on why you don’t because I will think you are weird. hahaha

I might be wrong but it is almost as if i read something about cooking when your upset in the writings of the Prophet, have you ever read something about this?

I know i read that we are better off not eating if we are upset because the food turns to poison instead of nurturing your body i just wish i would have saved these quotes when i read them. Any how thank you for sharing this testimony.~S.G

Hmmmm, I have not read an exact quote where it says that we should not cook when we are upset, but the Bible does say that we should do all to the glory of God, and cooking while upset does not glorify God in the least. So let’s be happy! 🙂 **** Yes, I have read quotes where it says that if we eat while we are upset, then that food will turn into poison. Bear in mind also that our cooking, or what we eat, will also have an effect on our attitude; it can be positive or negative.

Yeah, food… never works very well when you’re angry. That is why I chose a different line of work, like chopping wood or tilling the garden. At least by those tasks I can accomplish more work by the aggravation. Lol, Jk.~N.J

LOL This comment is really something! And it has some good advice for everyone.

Are you mad? Okay, no worries, have an axe handy and go chop some wood. When you finish-depending on the level of anger you had in the first place-you will be happy because your wife or mother will be so thankful that you decided to get a head start on wood chopping before winter comes. 😉

Nice read. Thanks for sharing.
Proverbs 21:19 It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.~L.A

Very good verse she brought out. So beware ladies, no one like a contentious and angry woman. If you do easily get angry, then I suggest you go to the shed and borrow the axe of your husband or father. Maybe you can switch up the jobs for a while: he does the cooking and you do the chopping. Of course, after 30 minutes you will realize that keeping a sweet, kind, and christian temper is much easier than wood chopping.


Pro 21:9 It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house. ***Solomon must have had a lot of experience with Brawling and angry women. Lol.~N.J

Yup, let us not be brawling ladies. We don’t want don’t want to go there. And for all of you young men out there, you definitely don’t want a brawling woman in your house, so choose carefully.

So yeah, pretty good and insightful comments. Thanks guys! 🙂