Once Upon a Time…Happily Ever After


Funny how a newlywed will tell you that marriage is amazing and beautiful, and then a couple years later, that selfsame person will beg you to really think before getting involved with a guy.

It has happened to me. Lol!

Truth is that marriage takes work. It will not always be roses and kisses. But working together as a team, supporting and loving each other, and seeking God first– well, it’s going to work out nicely.

So, just to make your life easier, here are some things to keep in mind:


1 If the tube of toothpaste has a cap, USE IT. Hardened and dry toothpaste is not cool to use.

2) Put the toilet seat back down after you use it. If your wife falls in the toilet in the night, there is a 99.9% chance that you will be sleeping in the couch for the rest of the night, or nights.

3) NEVER set foot on her wet clean floor. Don’t dirty the floor she just scrubbed, that is if you don’t want to scrub it again, but this time with a toothbrush 😛 Lol!

4) Clean up those pesky little hairs after you shave. It’s annoying when the white bar of soap looks as if it has black sprinkles on it, or brown or blonde. Take your pick. 

5) ALWAYS let your wife know if you are bringing friends or visitors home, that way she has time to cook something. Serving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is not exactly what we ladies have in mind.

6) When girls are on their monthly cycle, we can be sad, mad, happy, nostalgic and emotional all in the span of one hour. Plus we have to deal with pain and whatnot. So DON’T BE A COWARD and leave your wife alone. Be nice to her. Make her some hot tea and cuddle with her. ❤

7) Most girls take long to get ready. It’s hard for us to decide what to wear, and hairstyle to do; so instead of hollering to your wife at the top of your lungs for her to hurry up, do this the night/day before:

You: Hey sweetheart, do you think the yellow tie goes with this?

Her: White shirt, black pants and yellow tie? Honey, are you tying to go for the bumblebee look?

You: *laughing* What do you suggest then?

Her: Hmmm…let me see. Ah, this one is perfect!

You: Oh yes, perfect! I don’t know what I’d do without you. By the way, what will you wear? I think that blue dress looks lovely on you, plus it will match with my tie.

Her: Awwww, that’s right! We will match ^_^

There you have it. Problem solved. You are welcome.

8) Listen to your wife.

9) I understand that guys suffer from innate dementia, but at least try to remember her birthday, your wedding day, the day you met and the day you first messaged her on Facebook.


1) Guys don’t think on what they say when they are hungry, so if your husband says something that bothered you, don’t take it to heart because he did not mean that.

2) Men are capable of sitting down, think on nothing and do nothing; so don’t worry, they are not in comma.

3) DON’T mess with his toolbox.

4) Here is how to get your husband to fix that wobbly chair in the dining room: go to his beloved toolbox and try to fix it yourself. In a couple seconds, you will see him come running to your rescue–more like to the rescue of his tools 😛 But no, really; guys like to feel useful, so let him do it, and then go make him some lemonade.

5) Guys nature is to fix things, including you. So, don’t get mad when he tries to fix your problems and emotions. He’s just trying to help.

6) NEVER give a command to your husband because he will plop down in the couch and do nothing. The last thing a man wants is to feel manipulated. So just ask him to help you because you need him. He will listen to you. 🙂

7) Most of the times, your husband will not tell you that he is bringing his friends or visitors over, so always have something fast to cook.

8) You know, your man might forget your birthday, or the day and hour when you first met, but rest assured that he will NEVER FORGET that he loves you. So if he forgets, don’t hold it against him.

9) In my experience with men, aka my Dad and brother lol, they don’t distinguish things. The whole idea of lotions, perfumes and body mists are junk to them. For them, all you need is water, a bar of Irish Spring soap and deodorant. Therefore, keep your products out of your husbands reach before he uses your face wash as degreaser, your body mists as bathroom air fresheners and your lotion as shaving cream. 😉

10) When it comes to getting sick, men are pros at that. So don’t worry so much when he has a sore throat, but he keeps acting like if he is slipping away.



Are You Ready?


Friday, August 26, 2016

Dear Diary,

Here is step number two! I really learned a lot as I wrote and researched this topic. The two examples I used here in this article I got from Jeremiah Davis. He has some really awesome videos on YouTube. 🙂 


STEP #2 Am I Ready For Marriage? 

Okay, so now that you know you are to get married, this is the question you should ask. God might want you to get married, but before that happens, you might need a couple years of intense marriage training. No kidding.

Take a look at this example: A banana. They are very delicious, right? It’s a banana alright, and it is destined to be eaten and digested by a body of a human–or monkey. They are sweet and good, but what happens when they are eaten before they are ripe? Yeah, they don’t taste good and they leave a bad aftertaste, right? Well, the same principle goes for marriage. You might be married some day, but right now you might be sour and bitter–and so not ripe.

So, still the question remains: How do you know if you are ready?

Well, to answer this question, lets talk about a car. Now, I don’t know much about cars or brands, but I do know they have four wheels and two pedals: the gas and the brakes. So lets focus on the pedals for now.

Love=gas pedal     Self-Control=brakes

A good driver knows how to balance those two pedals. Therefore, you know you are ready for marriage if you can balance love and self-control.

How is love manifested?

“If you love me, keep my commandments”. So yes, love is manifested through willing obedience. Doing what we are asked to do, and even doing things without being asked. In married life, I don’t think your husband will be your walking chore-list telling and reminding you what has to be done; unless of course you have a very nice mother-in-law, then that would be very possible. Brace yourself! 😛 LOL!

And lastly, love is manifested through responsibility. Is the young man ready to be a spiritual leader in his home? Is he ready to provide? And for the ladies, are you ready to run a household all by yourself? Are you ready to raise children? Are you even ready emotionally? Listen, I don’t know nothing about marriage, but I’m pretty sure forgiveness is involved.

If a person is not responsible while living at their parents house, what makes you think that person will be ready for a home of their own?

Okay, so what about self-control? Well, self-control simply means that you are able to control yourself: your appetite, your emotions, your passions and everything else.

You know, I could really write so much more, but I don’t want to tire you, and plus I’m hungry and I need my dinner. Lol

So to end, let me ask you a question: how do you envision married life to be?

Do you imagine waking up to breakfast in bed, along with a rose and a love note? And for the guys, do you feel a sense of relief knowing that clean socks will magically appear in your drawer every morning, and that lunch will be waiting in the fridge with a love note?

Well, if that is what you envision married life to be, then you need some 10 years of preparation.

I think that married life is about making that other person happy, and of serving that person you love. You won’t think of what’s in it for you, but you will constantly seek to please that other person.

Now, I’m not saying that love notes and clean underwear are wrong. No, not at all. All I am trying to say is that if one envisions married life in a selfish way, then when one gets married, it will not work out.

That is what I think. If I am wrong, then I hope a married person corrects me.

Thanks for reading! 🙂