“Lord, I Love Him. Why Can’t I Have Him?”


“Lord, you know I really love him. I believe he is the one. Why can’t I have him??”

“But Dad/Mom, what’s so wrong with him? I’m happy with him. Doesn’t my happiness matter to you guys anymore?” 

“Why is it that the guy I really like is exactly the one that seems impossible to have?” 

Sound familiar? 

Maybe you have heard some young people say this, or…yourself? 

Well, I got the idea for this topic the other day when I was talking to a good friend of mine. We were sharing our views on choice making, relationships, and on how many times we misinterpret God.

…yes, it is possible to misinterpret God. For example, take a look at this scenario: 

Let’s suppose you like this guy, or girl, so much. But here’s the deal: your parents don’t approve at all. And somewhere in the back of your head, you know God would not approve either. But being the amazingly stubborn person that you are, you still go to God and beg and complain. It then happens that God gets fed up, and so He says, “Okay. Fine. You can have him/her.” And then you are like, “Oh my goodness! God answered my prayer! I knew this guy was the one!” But the truth is that God is giving you what you want not because it is His will, but because you will only learn by suffering the consequences. 

Listen, when it comes to relationships, making life choices and pretty much everything, you NEED to come to God with a clean bowl. Don’t bring your choice of flour or oil. Just bring your clean bowl and allow God to give you the ingredients and utensils to make the perfect cake. 🎂 

“Trust in the lord with all thine heart,

And lean not to thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge Him,

And He shall direct thy paths.” 


A Sermon on Courtship


Sabbath, June 4, 2016

Dear Diary,

Yes, the sermon today was on courtship. I must say that it was a very interesting topic, especially for us young people. I think that we have to be instructed on this issue. And we better listen when our parents or mature god-fearing adults counsel us. Don’t let it come in through one ear, and then go out through the other one. No, no, no.

And well, when it comes to topics of this nature, we youth can be classified into either of 3 categories.

  1. Those who make mistakes because nobody ever told them they were making a mistake in the first place.
  2. Those who shut their ears and eyes to counsel and advice in order not to feel guilty afterwards.
  3. And then there is us. Those of us who were instructed in the right ways, but we decide that the new definition of being wise means being stubborn and stiff-necked, and so we take our own way. Later on, of course, we realize that we were quite stupid, and that the real definition for wise was actually listening to our parents and to God.

…I have come to realize that courtship is a serious deal. VERY SERIOUS. I believe that if one is not planning to get married anytime soon, then we better stay away from people.

Ummmm…okay…that did not sound too good. Hahaha! 😀 Let me say that again: One does not have to be a hermit/recluse with only animals as friends. What I mean is that one should not go around playing with people’s emotions/feelings. One should not court a young lady/man just for the sheer fun of it, or because of peer pressure.

And well, the study of today touched on various topics:

a) What do you do when your parents do not like or approve of your girlfriend/boyfriend?

b) What is the appropriate age to enter a courtship?

c) Is it okay to marry with a much older man?

d) How do you know if you are ready to enter a courtship?

e) What about physical contact?

f) Can I begin a relationship with a person I have only chatted with online?

g) Is is important to have a friendship before courtship?

And much more.

But before I finish writing this, please engrave these two things in your mind:

  1. When it comes to courtship, make sure God and your parents, or mature god-fearing adult, is involved.
  2. NEVER compromise values and moral principles set by God and your parents in order to protect you. Remember that the person who truly loves you will happily abide by these principles.