Be a Child Again


When we are little children, we usually have some pretty tough questions that our Mother might not be able to answer. At the moment I do not remember what were those questions I had when I was little, but I do remember that my Mom would always tell me this: “Heidita, I don’t know the answer, but Jesus does. Why don’t you ask Him?”

That is how from such a young age I always took my problems to Jesus, believing that He would answer. I would ask Him to help me find my favorite pen, or help me to finish my chores fast enough so I could go play outside.

Anyways, I was thinking on this yesterday as I cooked dinner. All day long it had been cloudy and overcast, and I was just wishing it would rain. So remembering those simple prayers of my childhood, I looked out the window and prayed in my mind: “Dear Lord, we really needs some rain. Can you send some?” I smiled and then continued with my soup.

Like a few minutes later, my little sister entered the kitchen yelling, “It’s raining, it’s raining!”

And then this morning, it was pouring!!

I sat in bed and opened my devotional This Day With God. And the title for the reading was “Childlike Faith.”

…We really have to be children again. We need to have that simple faith that God will hear us, even though it may seem like a  silly childish request.

When I was little, and my Dad would catch me in his arms, I trusted him fully that he would not let me fall or get hurt. I did not stop to calculate the height where I was in, and how far down my Dad was. I just threw myself. That is the way God wants us to trust in Him. No wonder He says that unless we are like little children, then only will we be able to enter to the kingdom of heaven.

And this is a picture I took this morning. 😃