He’s Calling You: In Sickness and In Health


In sickness and in health till…till when will we be true to God in health as well as in sickness? I was not referring to a wedding here…yeah, but do keep reading. 

 Is that not always the case? When we have health and all is fine and dandy, we forget about God. Oh sure, we go to church and have those routine prayers morning and night. We keep our Bible in our nightstand next to our bed, and we dust if off when it’s time to go to church. Everything is perfect, right? 

But then why when something terrible happens, we feel so empty? So desperate? So alone? Why do we feel as if God just abandoned us? 

Well, it’s not really that He forsook us; what happened was that we chose to walk away from Him. And, being that God will not force us in any way, He let’s us do what we want. 

Look, what I just wrote up there, I did not make it up for this article; I honestly went through that. My life was perfection, and then, in the blink of an eye, my world turned upside down. I was like 13 years old then, and my grandmother had a horrible accident. Not going to go into details in here, someday you will know the entire story, but bottom line is that I had never experienced anything like that. My ganny was taken to the hospital, and then she was discharged to a nursing home just to let her…just to let her die there. Because an almost-90-year-old would not survive 3rd degree burns, right? So just dump her in a nursing home. Ugh, that made me so mad!

Anyway, in the middle of all that, I was just a wreck. Root of my granny’s accident, so so many things happened that drained every last drop of happiness from me. I felt alone—felt like if my prayers just reached the ceiling. That’s when I realized that I did not know God. And that’s when I began to get to know Him. I felt such peace after spending time with Him, and everything began to look better because I knew He was in control.

My granny did survive that accident. She came back home and we were all so overjoyed. The sad part? Well…this experience did help me in many ways, yet as soon as things got back to normal, I began to fall back again to the way I was before.

 Something worse was on it’s way.


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