Doing Manly Things


Friday, October 21, 2016

Dear Diary,

Today was awesome! I cooked dinner early, ironed my clothes for tomorrow, and then went outside to—yeah, that’s right, I went outside to help my Dad paint the shed! 😀

LOL! Yeah, I do get excited when I have the opportunity to do some kind of manly work. It’s fun to leave the kitchen rest for a while and go outside to work, get dirty and sweaty–and also get a good dose of vitamin D.

The part that I totally did not like was the part of wearing a hat. My Dad send me back inside to put on a hat in order to protect myself from the sun. Lol! I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I don’t like wearing hats. I think I look like a looney, so you will never find a hat on my closet.

Anyways, I loved working out there with my Dad. Many neighbors passed by and they stared at me. Hahaha! What’s so strange about a girl with long sleeves, skirt, a blue hat, a can of paint, and a paintbrush??

One neighbor we call “Grandpa” passed by and he smiled and gave me two thumbs up! 😀 He really put a smile on my face.

But like I always say, and like God said first: work is a blessing. It keeps our minds from wandering to places where it shouldn’t.

“The idle mind is the workplace of the Devil.”


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