Learning In a Crisis


Friday, July 22, 2016

Dear Diary,

So…my Dad says I’m a doctor. Should I believe him? 😛 Hahaha! Well, I guess you could say I’m the herbalist nerd in my house.

But I have to say that it’s a tough job as well. Some days ago, actually last week, my little sister got so sick. She had this terrible fever that it honestly scared me because it did not go away. I mean, I usually stop fevers with hydrotherapy and then the next day the person is like a new person. But not this time. One tea/tonic/tincture (call it what you may lol) I formulated–and of which I pride myself in its effectiveness–did not work.

But thank God she is all good now. My tonic may have not have been as effective, but it did not allow her to get worse. 🙂

Bottom line is that I learned something from all this: build up on knowledge while there is no crisis going on. I mean, I do know a good deal about herbs and so, but I realized that there is so much more to learn. And learning while someone is sick is not the way to go. When the crisis is going on, you glean of what you have learned already.

And you know, it’s the same with what will happen very soon to us if we really are Christians. When we are taken to the magistrates of this world to answer for our faith, we will not be able to be studying the Bible hours before. No. The Holy Spirit will bring to our remembrance what we have previously studied. Therefore, while we have time, let us stock up on the knowledge that will help us survive those days to come.



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