Father’s Day


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dear Diary,

Yup, you guessed right! Today I will write all about my Dad.

You know, along with my Mom, I think my Dad did a pretty good job of raising me. I mean, I ❤ the same music he does, and I eat all of his “creepy food inventions”(and he calls them creepy okay, don’t blame it on me lol). So yeah, they must be pretty proud of me, right? Hahaha! JK! Jk!

My Dad is really something.

LOL! 😀 I was just remembering how in the past, some of my friends would comment on how serious and strict my Dad looked. I laughed because my Dad has nothing of that. True, he can be serious and have that you-are-not-going-to-do-any-funny-business-with-me look, but he is a very happy person who is talkative and likes to joke and tease the daylights out of some people–kinda like me. 😛 haha! As for the strict part,he is not strict. Okay, by this I do not mean that there are no rules in the house because there are. All I am trying to say is that my Dad has never forced me to do something. He is not the type of Dad that will be like, “you will do as I say because I am your father…no questions about it! you got that?” No, no, no. My Dad taught me what was right, and he showed me why wrong was wrong, and thank God I have chosen to do right. Of course, I am no saint because I have had my slips now and then, but by my parents and God’s help I have been able to get back on track.

So yeah, everything that I do is because I want to and not because I am forced to do so.


Yeah, you have no idea just how much my Dad has taught me. So much! It’ll literally take me forever to write everything down, but I will write some of them here:

1 He taught me how to use a screwdriver, sandpaper, drill, hammer and nails.

2 He taught me to drive! 😀 Poor thing, he really had a tough time of it, and sometimes he continues to have a tough time with me. I mean, I may be a slow learner when it comes to operating heavy machinery such as a car, but when I get the hang of it I never forget. Driving is no new thing of another planet, unless you drive in L.A. For example, if the light turns red you better stop, and if it turns green you better go because if you don’t the guy behind you will honk his horn till your eardrums burst.

3 He taught me how to make some of his aunt’s and Mom’s desserts.

4 He taught me to be honest with God, myself and others.

5 Thanks to him, I now know how to tell if a watermelon is fully ripe. I still more practice on this one. hehe!

6 He showed me how to economize and use money wisely.

7 He taught me that everything I had did not magically grow on trees–I had to work for it and earn it fair and square.

8 He taught me to a woman of my word–to keep my promises. If I said I would do something, then I better do it.

9 And well, in my Dad’s younger days, he was into martial arts for a while and so he taught me some tips and tricks on how to beat up a guy. The problem is that I have never had the opportunity to beat someone up and so practice my skills. Any volunteer? And no worries, my brother took and EMT course, and I know how to stop bleeding in seconds, so we got you covered.

10 And last but not least, my Dad taught me that only with God by my side can I hope to survive in this world.

“He who does not listen to counsel will never get to be old.”


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