Wings of Prayer


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dear Diary,

Has it ever happened to you that your day is going so well, and then something happens and for the rest of the day that thing that happened casts a gloom over you? 😦

Well, I know how that goes. It has happened to me several times. But you know something? I thank God for those moments. 🙂 They show me so much about myself. Those moments are the moments in which it shows me just how much I rely and trust on God.

And well, like they say, physician cure yourself.

I remembered this small poem I wrote several years ago. I was probably around 13 years old when I wrote this.

Wings of Prayer

When sorrow stabs our hearts with grief,

And life is full of care,

What loving comfort waits upon the wings of prayer;

The wings of prayer, precious prayer.


Cast your burden upon the Lord,

Your faithful friend,

For He will never leave you, even till the earth’s end.

Trust in His promises and word.


And in life’s journey,

As we wait to have the crown of life upon our brow,

The wings of prayer bring us closer to Christ,

In this world of sin and strife.



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