A Lesson for Heidi


Monday, April 4, 2016

Dear Diary,

Today I finally went to jog! I had not gone in quite some time, so it was nice to get out there and just breathe in some happiness 🙂 I felt so alive afterwards! You guys should seriously try jogging. And I better stick to it too, because to be honest, most of the times I slack off. Writing seems more appealing than jogging at times, but we need exercise you guys.

Yeah, so today was actually an amazing day. I smiled and did a lot of thinking. Well, I actually think too much-but’s that’s just me. And so I was thinking about all the unanswered questions that I have. Things that are happening in my life and for some reason God has not given me a direct answer for.

I won’t lie, sometimes I do get frustrated when no answers come in. I prayed my heart out, and things changed in a whole different direction than I expected. And as a result, I am left with more questions to accompany the other questions I already had in the first place.

But hearing the verse of Acts 5:39 on Sabbath really helped and prepared me for that drastic change of things.

“But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.”

These past few days have taught me a great lesson. A lesson I thought I knew, but in reality I did not. I knew that God’s will will always be done whether I liked it or not, but there is always that sense of I think God needs some help. NO, He does not need help. All He needs is that I be completely silent and listen to Him. If something is from God, nothing can stop it. And if I do try to, then I’d be fighting against God himself, and God forbid I ever even think of doing that.

And of course, God may give us what we want not because that is what He wants for us, but because we are just way too stubborn-and suffering the consequences is the only way we will learn. Believe me, I learned that the hard way…

But I really thank God for having such patience with me. And now I have learned that in order to be happy, I must follow God’s leading, and not mine. I have already gone in my own path several times, and it always ends in disaster. So I don’t want to go there again.

True, it’s not easy to remain patient and trust God when everything in some areas of my life just seem to be going nutts. It’s not easy, I can tell you that. But you know what keeps me still standing? It’s having God as my best friend 🙂 It’s such a  great honor to be able to have a close relationship with God himself! Words fail me to describe what peace I feel after I just leave all my questions and burdens on Him.

And yes, some of my questions have been answered. Most of them are not, but I know they will be answered at the right time.

But looking at the bright side, I am learning to be patient, and that is beyond awesome!

Well, I have to go now. I wish I could keep on writing, but unfortunately this desktop does not fit under my blankets in bed. *sigh*

Good night!



See ya! 😉





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