My Bro, the Orange, the Knife and the ER


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dear Diary,

I am tired of typing. I don’t even know why I am writing right now…I should stop. I wrote two essays for school today, and my hands got cramped up after so much typing. And when I finished I was like “I am done for today, no more writing for Heidi.” And then here I am writing-again. Lol. I don’t know what will it take in order to get me to stop writing.

So yeah, today was actually a pretty good day. We did not go play basketball because my sisters and I were doing homework. Bummer…haha. But no, we actually have something going on this Wednesday, so I have to be home-work-free that day. That is why I used up my awesome Sunday in getting homework done. I did not even do music practice today…so sad 😦 But I promise to practice tomorrow. I do have to learn several songs, and man I tell you, playing those high notes on the viola is not very cool. But hey, practice makes perfect, right? 🙂

Okay so lunch came, and my bro was peeling an orange. Next thing I know my brother is like”OUCH! My finger!!!! Oh man!!! That knife!!” I instantly remember that my Dad had sharpened all the kitchen knives, and I hear my brother and I think he chopped off his finger. He goes to the bathroom, and I go behind him just saying “Let me see, let me see!”  Dad is over there like “He’s fine, Heidi worries too much.” But I mean, he really got me worried, I was ready to dump the container of cayenne pepper powder on his hand!

But yeah, I saw the cut on his finger and it was…nothing to be alarmed for. It was not worth to take the 45-minute drive to the Emergency Room. I don’t think they would even let him in the ER in the first place. I mean, I’ve got lollipops and bandages in my first aid kit at home. 😛 hahaha

Wow…honestly! Some guys can be so over dramatic. LOL. They get a cold and they declare perpetual bed rest. hahaha Oh, and notice I said “some guys”, I know this does not apply to all the men out there…I think.

Oh, I really want to write about something my brother is helping me out with. I have my Facebook page called C&B Vegan Delights where I post pictures of the food that I make, and I have a blog where I actually write out the whole recipe in detail. Well, my awesome brother is working on my official logo! 🙂 And you guys can see a sample of it in the picture above. I am really excited about this. Yaay!

Oki doki, it’s 9:42 P.M. and I will do some reading before I go to bed. You know, lately I’ve been thinking about this one verse Br. Balbach shared on Sabbath, take a look:

“But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.” Acts 5:39

This is like my new favorite you guys, I am going to memorize it. Oh, and tomorrow I’ll write more on this. Stay tuned!

God bless!

Good night…Sweet dreams…ZZZzzzz

~Heidi Alonso





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