I Spilled it in the Wrong Place


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dear Diary,

Oh my goodness! What a scare I had today. I cannot believe what I did-I’m still slapping my forehead this very moment…okay I will start from the beginning:

I got up this morning (don’t ask what time because I’m on spring break lol) and prepared my daily lemon-water-morning-drink. I then made my way to my desk to do some writing. I drank like only half of my water, and then got up to go do something. Bottom line is that I completely forgot about the water in my desk.

The day wore on, and later at noon I came back to my desk to do some more writing. I moved my arm and knocked over the cup of water. Now, if it had fallen on the floor that would be a breeze, but no-it had to spill over the little black box. How do you call it? Ummm, modem? Internet box? Router?  Well, point is that the water fell in there, and it got wet. The little blinking lights stopped blinking, and my eyes as well.

For a minute, not writing that research paper for English class sounded like heaven, but the thought of having to buy an internet modem for over $100 did not sound the least bit cool. But finally I got it all dried up, and it worked again!! What a relief! 🙂 Whew!

But I learned something, and you should too: Do NOT take water to your desk unless it’s in one of these guys right here:

w1Yup, that’s right. A sippy cup. 😉

But do you know what was the most interesting part of all this? It was that like two hours later, I found myself with a glass of water at my desk-again. I mean, who does that? One minute I promise to not take water to my desk ever again, and then I do. Why did I do that?

Before I answer myself, consider this:

I always wondered why the Israelites fell into sin time and time again, even after seeing such demonstrations of God’s power. I mean, they saw the Red Sea open, they saw the pillar of fire, they saw the ground open, and they saw mana fall from heaven. And they would say “All that the Lord hath said, that we will do.”

What happened to them? What happened to me?

After the water issue in my modem scared me, I promised not to take water to my desk again. But after I saw that the internet was functioning properly and the danger was over, I forgot about my promise.

Well you see my friends, when we obey by fear, we NEVER change. Obedience born of love is the one that lasts, that counts, and is true. 🙂

~Heidi Alonso

P.S. I’ll have to go shopping for a green sippy cup tomorrow. Lol, green is my favorite color you guys.





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