The Unlost Key


“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalms 119:105

Many times in our lives, the word of God is like an unlost key. It is there, but we just never see it with the eyes it should be seen with. Therefore, it becomes lost to us. And the very guide of life that God has provided for us in this dark world, we never care to consult. And to be completely honest, that is the reason why we humans complicate our lives in every possible way.

The Bible clearly tells us to wait on the Lord, to trust like a child, to cast our burdens on God and obey His leading. But we, stubborn creatures that we are, think we can solve everything on our own. But that is foolish of us…of me.

Yes, not too long ago I thought that by my own strength I could hope to resolve all my life problems. But how wrong I was! The only thing I gained by following that course was to fall even deeper into desperation.

But I thank God that I learned a lesson that I will not soon forget. And dear reader, by personal experience I can assure you that only in God will you find the grand solution to your problems. Do not take your brain piece by piece trying to find an answer because you never will–you just never will. It is only when we lay our cares and burdens at the feet of Christ that we will find peace and answers.

“The word of God is a great simplifier of life’s complicated pursuits.” E.G. White


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