4 Reasons Why I Keep a Diary


So I see that you are a curious person. Hmmm…you want to know why I write, and I’m guessing you are most interested in what I write in my diary. Is that right? Lol.

But that is okay, you will be pleased to know that I am a very curious person as well. Although I must confess that my curiosity has led me to some weird places and situations that I didn’t like one bit.

Anywho, the reason why I chose to write about my diary is because yesterday I just began diary #42. And since many people have expressed their curiosity as to why and what I write, I thought I’d shed some light on this timeless mystery.

So here are 4 reasons why I keep a diary. Of course, I will later write more on this self same subject. But for the time being, I will only write about these 4, okay. So here it goes, brace yourself.

#1 Writing Practice. Did you know that I was terrible writer back when I was like 9 years old? I actually began keeping a diary because my teacher assigned it as homework so that I could improve my writing and grammar. Oh and don’t worry, my diaries back then were nothing like ‘Dear Diary, today I felt so…’ So yeah, writing a diary helps me to write better, and expand my vocabulary.

#2 I NEED to Write. That’s right. If I don’t have pen and paper, I will write pretty much anywhere–even walls if there is nothing else, or if my hands have already been written beyond comprehension. So yeah, I write everything my friends. If I know you, or if I heard about you, rest assured that you are mentioned in Heidi’s diary. Beware. Be nice to me. Lol.

#3 Liar Detective. Writing has improved my memory you guys. So I know what you guys guys said or did on a particular day. Of course, I am not one to argue, but while you claim you said and did such feat, I will be over here like ‘that is not what you said on March 15, 2015 at 2:30 P.M.’

#4 I can scream and yell. I cannot describe how awesome it feels to yell in complete silence. I don’t hurt nobody’s ears, or mine for that matter. I just write, do scribbles, write a few 10 pages about why I am mad, and why I shouldn’t be mad in the first place, and then I just feel so much better! You guys should really try it.

So those were my 4 reasons. Comment on which reason you found more interesting…or scary.

Thanks for reading you guys! 🙂 TTYL


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